Monday 16 February 2015

Built for Speed Southern Alberta - event notice - March 21, 2015

Event Notice - Built for Speed Southern Alberta
Date of Event - Saturday, March 21
Chief of Event: Roy Strum
Information about B4S event series -
Event venue - Canmore Nordic Centre
Registration - - look for the registration to be live soon...


9-930am - bib pick up
10-11am - downhill slalom race 500m
11-12noon - double pole drag race 200m/400m
12noon - 1pm - lunch time  - bring your own
1pm - 2pm - 4x750m skate relay - boys and girls categories (mixed 2 midgets, 2 minimidgets, at least 2 girls on a team)
230pm - awards


2001 M - 3+ years of skiing
2001 F - 3+ years of skiing
2001 M - 1-2 years of skiing
2001 F - 1-2 years of skiing

2002 M - 3+ years of skiing
2002 F - 3+ years of skiing
2002 M - 1-2 years of skiing
2002 F - 1-2 years of skiing

2003 M - 3+ years of skiing
2003 F - 3+ years of skiing
2003 M - 1-2 years of skiing
2003 F - 1-2 years of skiing

2004 M - 3+ years of skiing
2004 F - 3+ years of skiing
2004 M - 1-2 years of skiing
2004 F - 1-2 years of skiing


Candy loot bag at the finish of the double pole race
Cookie awards for the downhill slalom
Cupcakes awards for relay
Club aggregate banners - these are re-awarded each season.  If your club won a banner in 2014 - please bring it with you so we can re-award the banner.

2014 winners
1st - Foothills Nordic
2nd - Canmore Nordic
3rd - XC Bragg Creek
4th - Crystal Ridge Nordic

Points toward aggregate banners based on formula as follows:

1st place in a category - 100points
2nd place in a category - 90 points
3rd place in a category - 80 points
4th place in a category - 70points
5th place in a category - 60 points
6th place in a category - 50 points
7th place in a  category - 40 points
8th place in a category - 30 points
9th place in a category - 20points
10th place in a category - 10 points
11th + place in a category - 1 point

Monday 9 February 2015

Built 4 Speed - 2014-15 update - event being planned

Its been quite a winter.  First too cold, then too warm, then to cold, then too warm - snow here, snow gone.  Through all of it, three events were planned and cancelled.  Tough decisions but the right ones and necessary for an outdoor sport like ours.

Please note, southern Alberta clubs, that there is a Built 4 Speed event being planned.  Tentatively March 21, 2015 at Canmore Nordic Centre.  With so many events cancelled over the winter, it would be nice to be able to be able to get together at least once for our regional event series.

XC Bragg Creek may still decide to reschedule their event and if so, we will have two B4S events this season.  If not, then I will take the lead in organizing a B4S event.  I realize there is no ideal time left in the season and that this date will likely conflict with some club's plans.  There are no other events planned for this day, however, it is important to note that several school divisions will be off on spring break starting on this day.  It also needs to be recognized that most clubs are finished with their club programs by this time. That being said, it would be nice to be able to get our clubs together for a regional event and it doesnt look like there will be any other weekends available.

Please keep Saturday, March 21 open on your calendars.  Should the event come together, please expect an event notice to be available in the next week or so.

Sunday 25 January 2015

Built 4 Speed - Youth Cross Country Ski Event Notice - - Feb 7, 2014 - cancelled/possible reschedule

The organizing committee regrets to announce that snow conditions have deteriorated to unsafe conditions at West Bragg Creek Trails on Friday Feb 6.  The event is cancelled.  please check back here for update on possible postponement to a later date.

Event Notice - Built 4 Speed - Hosted by XC Bragg Creek
Saturday, Feb 7, 2015
West Bragg Ski Trails
Bragg Creek, AB

Event Organizing Committee:

Chief of Event:  Roy Strum
Race Secretary: Kim Verheyde
Chief of Stadium/Course: Erik Anderson
Chief of Timing: Rene Deveau

Focus for the day:  a positive, introductory ski competition for children and youth as evidenced by smiles, laughter, effort, and good times.  This is not the olympics!

What is the Built 4 Speed series?  B4S is an event series aimed at youth in southern Alberta.  The series aims to engage all southern Alberta clubs including Medicine Hat CCSC, Brooks CCSC, Crystal Ridge NSC, Calgary SC, Foothills NSC, Canmore NSC, Crowsnest Pass CCSC, XC Bragg Creek, Bow Waters JSC, Rocky Mtn JSC.  All other ski clubs are welcome to join in.

B4S events include at least 2 races on the day for youth.  Points are awarded for finish positions.  Club aggregate banners are awarded for clubs to keep for the following year.  Aggregate banners are returned and handed out again to the new winners each season.


1030am - Free technique/skate individual time trial (2004 and older) - Crystal line race trails
              -  oldest skiers to youngest skiers
              - distances - 2k to 4k
1030am - Classic technique individual time trial (2005 and younger) - Sundog hill race trails
              - distances - 1k

followed by awards - bring a bag lunch and water (bring your own lunch and water)

130pm - Team Relay (classic) - teams of 4, mixed boys and girls - at least two younger kids (we want everyone to be on a team - so just about anything goes - just try to have at least a couple of younger kids on your team)

followed by awards and club aggregate banner presentation.

Venue: West Bragg Ski Trails
- this trail system has undergone some revisions due to recent logging which has opened up some trails. The trail system was built in the early 1980s (or earlier) and were designed as race trails.  At one point, West Bragg was being considered as a possible site for the 1988 Calgary Olympic cross county ski events.  The trails are at 1450m above sea level and receive considerably more snow than Calgary.  Due to its proximity to Calgary, this site, located entirely within Kananaskis Country, is heavily used by Calgarians.  Arrive early so that you get a good parking spot.

The East Crystal line loop will be used for our race trails.  This is a different section of trail than we use for the annual Alberta Youth Cross Country Ski Championships.

Please note:  there is no electricity at west bragg ski trails.  there is no cell phone service at west bragg ski trails.  there are pit toilets at west bragg ski trails.  there is no running water at west bragg ski trails.  there are no food services at west bragg ski trails.  Please bring your own water and lunch.  the event organizers will have a satellite phone to use in case of emergency

Please note:  we do not have exclusive use of the trails during the event.  we have chosen a section of trail that is less used, but we will be sharing.  

Grooming is undertaken at West Bragg by both Kananaskis Country and the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association.  Grooming has been excellent that past number of years.


Contact:  Event Chief - Roy Strum -  403-862-1042

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Built for Speed - 2014-15 Event Calendar

Here it is the 2014-15 Event Calendar of the Built for Speed Southern Alberta event series

Sunday Jan 4 - Canmore Nordic Ski Club - check for the event notice

Saturday Jan 24 - Foothills Nordic Ski Club - check for the event notice

Saturday Feb 7 - XC Bragg Creek Ski Club - check for the event notice

Key features of the B4S events are:

- events for 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 birth years
- events for other categories at the discretion of the host ski club
- ability groupings for each of 2001-04 birth years - ability categories: 1st year of racing, 2-3 years of race experience, 4+ years of race experience
- awards - as decided by host club
- banners awarded to top four participating clubs.  Points are earned based on finish positions.  Aggregate points will be posted on this website

Which clubs can participate in this event series?

B4S is for every club that is interested.


Wednesday 29 October 2014

Built for Speed 2014-15 - FAQs

What is the Built for Speed Event Series?

- an event series hosted by clubs in the greater Calgary/Southern Alberta region.

Who is the B4S series for?

- target group is 10-14 year olds.  However host clubs can expand their events to include older and/or younger age groups.

What does a B4S event look like?

- two to three race type events on one day.  Host clubs decide what events they offer. 

What type of events are offered?

- relays, indiv start, mass start, terrain park events, single technique events, downhill events, uphill events, pursuit events

How are age groups organized?

- single year, single sex age groups, ability groupings

What about ability groupings?

- B4S events aim to provide a positive experience in racing.  We want to create some success for as many kids as possible not just the ones who were born on skis.  Therefore, we ask clubs to provide three tiers within each single year/single sex age category:
      - getting started (for kids who are in their first year of racing)
      - been at it awhile (for kids who have been racing for 1-2 years)
      - seasoned skiers (for kids who have raced in 3 or more seasons)

Who decides on which ability grouping a child should compete in?

- parents in consultation with their club coach decide on which group to register their child in

How do you register for a B4S event?

- host clubs can use an online registration site like to set up the registration.  Clubs will charge a small fee to cover costs of prizing, and other things they might need to run an event.  The idea is to keep the registration as low a cost as possible.  $5 - $10 is an ideal total amount per kid.

What about prizing?

- host clubs decide on prizing.  It can be anything the club wants.  ribbons, medals, cookies, bookmarks, etc.  Clubs will earn points based on the finish positions of their kids in each category.  Points will be awarded to the every participating child for their club.  Higher points will be awarded to higher finishers in each category.  Club banners will be awarded at the end of each season and are provided by Cross Country Alberta.  Club banners are reused each season.

Which clubs won B4S club banners in 2013-14?

1st place - Foothills NSC
2nd place - Canmore NSC
3rd place - XC Bragg Creek SC
4th place - Crystal Ridge NSC

How long does a B4S event take from start to finish?

- host clubs should plan on starting their day by 1030 and wrapping up by 330pm.  A day might look like:

1000am - arrive on site
10-1030 - pick up race bibs and do a warm up
1030-1130 - event #1 - this might be an event like an individual start classic race
1130-1230 - lunch time
1230-130 - event #2
145-245 - event #3
245 - 330 - prizing, etc, and wrap up to the day

The goal is to give clubs time to get to the site in the morning without needing to leave too early.  If an event was held in Brooks, they might start their day at 11am instead of 10am to give people a chance to get there that morning.  Or if an event was held in Crowsnest, events might start at noon and wrap up by 4pm so that a trip there and home again to the greater Calgary area could be done in one day.

Why do this type of event?

- Sport Canada's Long Term Athlete Development plan and Cross Country Canada's Athlete Development Matrix both identify the importance of introduction to competition for 10-14 year olds.  The B4S series aims to try to organize children's events with a format that is age appropriate and not just a scaled down version of an adult race (which often is one race on a day).  B4S aims to provide more introductory racing experiences for kids so that by the time they decide if they want to be a ski racer, they've beein given some experience in an event series that is aimed at creating as much success as possible for kids.  For many kids, success has been shown to be an important predictor of whether an athlete continues on as a ski racer in high school.

Who is organizing the B4S series?

Events are self organized by participating clubs.  This website is hosted by Roy Strum, 2014-16 Alberta Ski Team Director with Cross Country Alberta. 

B4S is a collective effort aimed at meeting the diverse needs of clubs in our region. Some clubs are very large with professional coaching staff at world class facilities, while others are small clubs where people do their own grooming and are working hard at building something from scratch in a small rural communities. B4S aims to be a friendly event where complete novices can feel like they belong alongside kids in race suits. This model comes from sports like track and field where greater Calgary area clubs get together weekly in kids only events that help to introduce kids to competing before moving onto provincial level events organized by Athletics Alberta.
As a collective, events are driven by participating clubs and in the end clubs can do whatever they want. The CCA AST Director's goal in helping to lead the B4S series is to create a space where the needs of all clubs are weighed equally. Having more clubs from our region participate is good for everyone.

How do I find out about when B4S events are being organized?

Check this website.  B4S event host clubs will share their dates and links to their event will be published here, as well as on the Cross Country Alberta website.

Which clubs are targetted as participants in the B4S event series?

Brooks CCSC
Calgary SC
Calgary NTG
Canmore NSC
Crowsnest Pass CCSC
Crystal Ridge NSC
Foothills NSC
Parkland CCSC
XC Bragg Creek SC

Can other clubs participate?


you can leave questions on this blog.  or contact me via the CCA website

Friday 18 April 2014

Built for Speed 2013-14 Club Aggregate Final Points List

Greetings Southern Alberta Clubs

It has been a successful inaugural season of the Built 4 Speed Event Series in southern Alberta.  With 6 clubs participating in the series, this has to be considered a huge success. 

Built 4 Speed (B4S) was born out of a desire to expand participation in competitive skiing in southern Alberta.  After several years of thinking about what we could do to expand participation, a group of coaches from the region got together to dream up something new - something that would increase participation by local clubs.  Cross Country Alberta, was quick to jump on board to endorse this as a provincially endorsed regional event.  

The big idea with B4S was to create differentiated events - where some events targeted novice racers, and other events were open events.  The idea was to allow kids just getting started to have a chance to compete with similar ability kids because every club has kids who are just getting started - and lets face it, they could use some encouragement if what we are really interested in expanding participation in our region in competitive sking.

So often in ski racing the event becomes about the kids who ski the fastest.  B4S aims to do something a little bigger by making the event series about a 'team' event where every kid who participates earns points for their club according to their finish order - much like what happens at Nationals.  The club with the most points at the end of the season is recognized as the B4S Event Series Champions.  B4S also recognizes the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place clubs in the club aggregate award.

Clubs earning B4S event series banners will get to keep the banner until the final event of the series next year - in this way, the banners will travel around to various clubs.  Each of the 4 highest point earning clubs will also receive a mini-banner to keep forever.

B4S was a huge success in achieving its aim of increasing participation of southern Alberta ski clubs in a regional development event.  For the past number of years, participation in regional interclub events was primarily a two club affair in southern Alberta.  During the 2013-14 season, 6 ski clubs participated and earned points for their clubs. 

Here are the points

1st place - Foothills Nordic Ski Club - 2310
2nd place - Canmore Nordic Ski Club - 2200
3rd place - XC Bragg Creek Ski Club - 1568
4th place - Crystal Ridge Nordic Ski Club - 222
5th place - Calgary Nordic Training Group - 143
6th place - Alberta Biathlon Club - 52

Congratulations to all of the participating clubs.

There were many things that made this event series achieve its intended outcomes

- having two development events aimed at kids in their first two years of racing
- having two open events open to everyone
- having dedicated events where the B4S series was the sole focus - this happened in Okotoks, Calgary, and Bragg Creek
- having revenues generated from an event stay with the host club

see you all next winter!

Roy Strum
B4S enthusiast

Thursday 27 February 2014

Built for Speed Club Aggregate Points list up to Feb 15, 2014

Built 4 Speed is the new regional event series for cross country ski clubs in southern Alberta.  All interested clubs may participate and earn points.  There are 11 ski clubs in southern Alberta with development programs:  Canmore Nordic Ski Club, Calgary Ski Club, Calgary Nordic Training Group, Bow Waters Jackrabbits, Rocky Mtn Jackrabbits, XC Bragg Creek Ski Club, Crystal Ridge Nordic Ski Club, Brooks Cross Country Ski Club, Medicine Hat Cross Country Ski Club, Crowsnest Pass Cross Country Ski Association, Red Deer Nordic.

With one B4S event remaining on the calendar, Foothills Nordic Ski Club leads the Club Aggregate Points total.  XC Bragg Creek currently sits in 2nd place. Canmore Nordic is currently in the 3rd place position.  4th place is currently Crystal Ridge Nordic Ski Club from Okotoks.  The last B4S event will take on Sunday March 9, 2014, hosted by Canmore Nordic Ski Club at the Canmore Nordic Centre.  Registration is found at  The event will include a skate mass start race plus a downhill race.

Club Aggregate Points including Built 4 Speed #1, #2, #3

B4S1 Calgary
B4S2 Okotoks
B4S3 Bragg Creek
Foothills Nordic Ski Club
XC Bragg Creek Ski Club
Canmore Nordic Ski Club
Crystal Ridge Nordic Ski Club
Calgary Nordic Training Group
Alberta Biathlon Club