Saturday 4 January 2014

Built for Speed Event #1 - Calgary - hosted by Foothills Nordic Ski Club

Hi Southern Alberta Cross Country Ski Clubs

The Built for Speed Series gets underway Sat Jan 11 at Confederation Park in Calgary.  Thank you to Foothills Nordic Ski Club for hosting our inaugural B4S event.

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The focus of these events are on:

- increased participation in entry level race events by southern Alberta ski clubs - we would like to increase the number of clubs who participate in these type of 'introduction to racing' events.

- club recognition - the focus isn't on individuals in this series, but instead on earning points towards being recognized with a club banner - four banners will be presented to the four clubs with the greatest number of points after four events.  All skiers will earn points for their club regardless of finish position.  We would like to take the focus away from the individual and place it instead on the team.  Host clubs can choose to present individual awards if they want.

differentiated events -  there are two different types of events in the B4S event series:
- open events - open to any skier in the age groups identified
- development events - entry at coaches discreation - focus is on novice racers - kids who haven't raced much.

Jan 11 - Calgary - Open Event
Jan 25 - Okotoks - Development Event
Feb 14 - Bragg Creek - Development Event
Mar 9 - Canmore - Open Event

- age groups - B4S events will include midget (2000 and 2001 in the 2013-14 season) and minimidget (2002 and 2003 in the 2013-14 season) categories at every event.  Host clubs can choose to include more categories than this if that fits for them.

Additional information about the Jan 11 Built for Speed Event in Calgary.

Dave Gammie (Chief of Event for B4S#1 in Calgary) and I chatted today - here is what i took away - most of the information is in the race notice - there were a few clarifications that are included below

three events - all classic technique
mass start  - 2.5 for midgets, 2 for minimidgets, 1.5 for peewees
jumps and bumps race - 900m for all categories - interval starts - three skiers in a start
relay - 6x500m - teams of 3, 4, 5, or 6 skiers

events will run concurrent 
midgets start with mass start and move to jumps and bumps, when midgets have finished their mass start, minimidgets do their mass start and then go to bumps and jumps race, etc.

warming tent - if numbers are sufficient, foothills has offered to rent a tent at their expense to act as a warming tent.  If numbers of registrants are not sufficient, clubs will need to bring their own warming tents.  A decision about renting a warming tent will be made in the middle of the week depending on race registration numbers.  Please promote this event with your clubs - it would be great to have a large numbers and a warming tent.

seating - clubs need to bring their own camping chairs to sit on in warming tents

bathrooms - Foothills will rent an appropriate number of portapotties for use by the event as confederation park golf course bathrooms are not available

water - clubs need to bring their own water to this event

results - will be posted on a few days after the event

timing - individual times will not be taken for this event - finish order will be noted

club aggregate awards - point will be assigned based on finish position in each single year, single gender age category.  club aggregate banners will be awarded on Mar 9 at the final B4S event in Canmore.

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