Thursday 16 January 2014

Built for Speed Event #2 - hosted by Crystal Ridge Nordic Ski Club - Sat Feb 1, 2014 - updated Jan 29.14

Event Notice - B4S#2 - updated Jan 24.14

Hosted by Crystal Ridge Nordic Ski Club

The Crystal Ridge Nordic Ski Club is pleased to be hosting Built for Speed Event #2 at the Canmore Nordic Centre on Sat Feb 1 from 1130-3pm.  The event will include two different races – an individual time trial for kids born 2000-2003 and a mass start race for kids born 2004-2007 plus a downhill race.  in addition, we are collaborating wtih Cross Country Canada to offer a third event - Ski Cross - at the Terrain ParkThis is the first regional event hosted by Crystal Ridge Nordic Ski club, which is an enthusiastic new ski club from Okotoks, AB that offers ski programs at the Crystal Ridge Golf Course in Okotoks.

Technique - this is a classic technique event - no skating permitted.

Event Location:  Canmore Nordic Centre,  west end of Meadow area

Race Office – located in the upstairs meeting room in the Canmore Nordic Centre.  Race Office will be open at 1115am.

Who can register for this ‘development’ event?

B4S ‘Development’ Events are intended to be introduction to racing events that are aimed at children who have very little racing experience. For example, if your child is competing in the Alberta Winter Games, this event may not be appropriate.   Development events are aimed at novice to beginner racers.  Every ski club has kids who are in their first or second year of skiing/racing.  It is these kids that B4S Development events are aimed at. Please check with your coach to see if it is appropriate for your child to attend.  Registration is at coach’s discretion.  In response to expressed interest, organizers will offer an 'unofficial' category for kids who are experienced racers (more than two years of racing).


on line registrations will be accepted - $5/athlete.

Trail Passes
all participants and parents who are skiing must purchase a day pass at the nordic centre daylodge.  this is in addition to the $5 registration for the event.  Please plan on bringing an additional $5-$10 for trail passes per person.  Canmore Nordic Centre Prov Park staff will hand out $174 fines for people using the trails without either a day pass or a season pass.  Day passes are not included in the registration cost.

Registration deadline:  Thursday Jan 30, 1150pm.

Lunch - please plan to bring a bag lunch and eat it between 11 and 1145 in our room in the Daylodge of the Canmore Nordic Centre

Categories and Events 

Single year, single sex categories
bib pick up at 1130 in upstairs room in new part of Canmore Nordic Centre daylodge.

Event #1 1230pm
Event #2  130pm
Event #3 230pm
Downhill race
ski cross event at terrain park
Downhill race

Here is a more detailed itinerary for the the day

11am - coaches meeting upstairs in the new part of the daylodge
1130 - meet in upstairs meeting room of new part of daylodge to get bibs and some instructions on the B4S events - ski out to mine scar for the first two races

1230 - classic 1.5km time trial for 2000-2003 birthyears; mass start 1km time trial for 2004-2007 birth years - bring a bag lunch to eat munch on after you race.

130 - downhill race - top of wolverine trail down to meadowview for 2000-2003 birth years; top of barf hill to time trial start finish area for 2004-2007 birth years - begin skiing back to terrain park after race - bring a granola bar and water belt to munch/drink on your way back to terrain park.

230 - terrain park race - at terrain park.
315 -330 - awards and wrap up

timing results will be for official 2000-2003 categories only. 2004-2007 categories results will be by finish order only. results will be posted on zone 4 for 2000-2003 categories. 2004-2007 finish results will be posted on crystal ridge nordic ski club website -

This is a low key event and will not look or feel at all like a world cup race. The event is intended as its primary mandate to create a positive race experience for kids who have 2 years or less racing experience or who are novice skiers. In response to expressed interest, there will be an unofficial category for kids with lots of racing experience - this is at the discretion of the host club to decide on events at their 'development' event. This unofficial category will not accrue points towards club banners, but it will create an opportunity for all interested kids to participate. If you plan to register in the unofficial category, let the race officials know when you pick up your bib.


·               Finish positions will accrue points towards B4S club aggregate banners for official 2000-2003 categories.
·               Participation awards will be presented by the host club – e.g. cookies

Other information
-       we will have access to the upstairs meeting room in the Nordic centre day lodge.

Organizing Committee

Richard Vervoort – Head Coach – Crystal Ridge Nordic Ski Club
Ana McFayden, Warren Verkerk – Volunteer Coordinators
Roy Strum - Lead Coach - T2T program - Canmore Nordic Ski Club

Crystal Ridge Nordic Ski Club website

Course Details

There are several events on at the Canmore Nordic Centre on Sat Feb1.  Skiers participating in the B4S development event will be sharing trails with the general public. 

The interval start and mass start events will take place at the west end of the mine scar and use the Banff-Bruin- Meadowview trails.  The downhill race will take place on trails in the same general area.

Emergency Procedures

A First Aider will be present with a first aid kit.  Emergency response if a skier is injured will be to contact the Canmore Nordic Centre for emergency help.

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