Saturday 4 January 2014

Club Aggregate Banners - an important focus of the Built for Speed Series in Southern Alberta

Aggregate Points Assignment chart
For the 2013-14 season points will be assigned to clubs based on the finish position in each single year, single gender category according to the following chart:

1st place - 30 points
2nd place 28 points
3rd place - 26 points
4th place - 24 points
5th place - 22 points
6th place - 20 points
7th place - 18 points
8th place - 16 points
9th place - 14 points
10th place - 12 points
11th place - 10 points
12th place - 8 points
13th place - 6 points
14th place - 4 points
15th place - 2 points
16th place and greater - 1 point

After each event, a current points list will be posted on this blog site.

Banners will be awarded to the 4 clubs with highest number of points.
1st place - club with highest number of points
2nd place - club with the second highest number of points
3rd place - club with the third highest number of points
4th place - club with the fourth highest number of points

As an introductory race series, this series aims to focus less on the individual and more on the team.  B4S event host clubs can choose to award individuals in any way that they like.

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